Stairlifts can be an expensive purchase, learn how to apply for a stairlift grant

If your ageing parent is now struggling to get up and down the stairs, then often it is suggested that they either move the bedroom downstairs, or move into a bungalow. This may not be something they wish to do. Your parent will most likely prefer to keep things as they are but would simply like the independence of being able to get up and down the stairs.

A stairlift can help your ageing parent to retain their lifestyle and independence, and make going from one floor to another safe and simple, giving them back full mobility in their home. Unfortunately, here in the UK stairlifts don’t tend to be cheap, which can leave many people wondering how to apply for a stairlift grant.

Here’s a look at the ways you can make use of stairlift grants, and also how to get a stairlift for free.

Disabled Facilities Grant

Whether your ageing parent or relative has been dealing with an injury for quite some time, or it’s relatively new, and stairs are causing challenges with getting about in the home, it’s time to make a change. Being forced to live in just a partial section of your own home simply because you can’t climb up and down the stairs just isn’t acceptable. This is exactly why so many people look into grants for stairlifts, which can be accessed through the Disabled Facilities Grant.

This particular grant can be applied for through your relative’s Local Authority and is intended to pay for home adaptations that are essential to the disabled person. These adaptations should be necessary in order for them to remain in their home. It is available in England, Northern Ireland, and Wales to those who qualify.

Some of the things this grant may be used for include stairlifts, ramps, changes made to lighting and heating, changes to the bedroom, and changes to the bathroom. It can also include adaptations that make access to the garden possible. Stairlift grants can make installing a stairlift possible when you thought it would be out of budget.

How you can access the grant

In order to access the grant, you or your loved one will need to fill out an application. These are typically handled by the local Environmental Health or Housing Department. Unfortunately, like with many of these grant programs, it can be a long wait. This is why you will want to apply as soon as possible. Your relative or ageing parent may decide to apply on their own, or they may be referred to the grant program by a doctor or physical therapist.

As part of the stairlift grants approval process, your relative will be required to see an occupational therapist who can do an assessment of your needs. An assessment may take a few visits to complete.

As for the waiting period, there is a six month time limit in which time a decision must be reached on whether the grant is approved or not. The maximum approval amount varies depending on where your relative lives. In England, the maximum amount is £30,000, Northern Ireland is £25,000, while Wales is £36,000.

This grant has been around for more than 25 years helping people to make the necessary changes in their homes so they can continue to live there comfortably and safely. It takes the burden of cost off your plate when looking to install a stairlift in the home.

This article about applying for a stairlift grant was provided by Stairlift Guru.